Our vision is to create food that is Healthy, Delicious and has Environmental and Ethical benefits.
This “flexible” style of culinary experience is getting increasingly popular and increases diversity & choice.

Eat Smart & Healthy. Eat With Us.

WE BELIEVE that food is energy. Nourishing food starts with awareness, good intentions, real food ingredients and most importantly YOU!!!.

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About Healthy Meals And More..

We believe that the simple act of cooking with awareness changes the energetic quality of
ingredients. We care about the health of people and our planet, and because we do, we try to use sustainable measures in sourcing our ingredients and packaging our goods.

Almost all that we create is to offer products that are practical, nutritious, flavourful, and sustainable. We do have days when we deserve a treat, and we have plenty of these too. Our services are designed to guide and empower individuals and families to eat for better health and well-being.

“A meal is a magical rite by means of which food is transformed into
health, strength, love and light”

– Aivanhov

What Our Customers Say

WE BELIEVE it is not just about what you cook, but how the food is cooked.

If you like food but not cooking (like me) then I 100% recommend Healthy Meals and More for a healthy feel good meal. There was so much to choose from, so I got a variety of dishes to try and they did not fail to impress the tastebuds.

Rohinda / Instagram

If you are healthy conscious and want to eat quality food then Healthy Meals and More is the place for you. Great value for money, great product and a great team behind the scenes. Start eating healthy today!

Tony / Jaguar Land Rover

The food is absolutely wonderful, from preparation to presentation, very pleasing. We especially enjoy the care Healthy Meals and More take when ordering vegan and their breakfast jars are to die for

Mark / Facebook

We are in love with the food from Healthy Meals and more, the team are amazing and the food is extremely delicious. It really helps to have a healthy meal and energised for the whole day. I highly recommend.

Jenny / Citi Bank

We Guarantee the Highest Level of Service and the Highest Quality of Food

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